Designer: René Herbst

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A pioneer in the use of simple industrial material for design furniture, Herbst developed with continuity the theme of the chair with seat and back made of elastic cords, similar to those used to tie up parcels. The first of many subsequent versions was presented at the Paris Salon d’Automne des Artistes Décorateurs in 1929, together with a version used as a high stool. René Herbst founded the company Etablissements René Herbst to produce and sell his projects. The version with high back and armrests follows the one without armrests. It appears in a photograph of the showroom furnished by Robert Lallemant, a ceramist and designer, in 1931. In 1937 a version was presented that maintained the elastic cords for the armrests, but they were replaced by woven cane in the seat and the back.

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